Eksplorasi Bakteri Potensial Pendegradasi Inulin dari Sumber Air Panas di Solok Sumatera Barat

Azhar, Minda and Oktavia, Budhi and Andriani, Nora and Risa, Boni and Natalia, Dessy (2015) Eksplorasi Bakteri Potensial Pendegradasi Inulin dari Sumber Air Panas di Solok Sumatera Barat. Eksakta Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, 1. pp. 22-28. ISSN 1411-3724

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Inulin degrading thermophilic bacteria is a potential source of inulin degrading thermostable enzymes, an enzyme which convert inulin into fructose and fructooligo- saccharides (FOS) prebiotic. The purpose of the study was to find potential inulin degrading bacteria. The methods that used to find inulin degrading bacteria were indirect and direct isolation method using inulin as the sole carbon source. Bacteria was characterized colony morphology and thermotolerant temperature. Inulin degrading bacteria was explored from three hot springs in Solok West Sumatra (Bukik Gadang, Batu Bajanjang and Sapan Maluluang). In the research has been found 8 inulin degrading bacteria isolates namely 3 isolates (BB1, BB2, BB3) from Batu Bajanjang; one isolate (BG1) from Bukik Gadang; 4 isolates from Sapan Maluluang. Four isolates (BB1, BB2, BB3, BG1) were tested termotolerant at room temperature, 40oC, 50oC. and 60°C. Isolates BB1, BB2, BG1 grow at room temperature and 40oC, whereas BB3 grow at room temperature, 40oC and 50oC. Isolates BB1, BB2 and BG1 were classified as mesophilic bacteria, isolates BB3 as thermophilic bacteria. Shape and colour of colonies were circular and white respectively.

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