Grammatical Interference Patterns in the English Departements Students Writing: Indonesia to English Grammar

Syarif, Hermawati (2014) Grammatical Interference Patterns in the English Departements Students Writing: Indonesia to English Grammar. Elixir: International Journal, 68. pp. 22647-22649. ISSN 2229-712x


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The interference of the first language (Indonesian) in the use of English as a foreign language is a phenomenon of one’s failure in acquiring the language. There may be caused by many factors, of which are linguistic differences of the two languages as well as the mastery of English. This paper discusses the phenomena of grammatical interference shown in the English students’ writings of the two universities in Padang (Indonesia). Syntactical, lexical, and morphological elements of the language are the focus of the study. As a whole, the finding shows that there are grammatical interferences found in the students’ writing. Of the three elements observed, syntactical interference is prominent. Word order as one of the three indicators of syntactical interference appeared in the sentences are likely the most problematic. In the datum If we competent in EFL...., for example, no verb was used. Based on the investigation, it is as the result of the Indonesian way of thinking on the concept being expressed in English. Unlike the concept of V as predicate in English, predicate in Indonesian can be noun, adjective or adverb in addition to verb. As a consequence, the sentence is anomalous. Moreover, the case of lexicon on choice of word in sentences also shows more interference. The word emotion in .... share their emotion .... for example, should be positted by problem. Besides, the utterance also deals with collocation problem, in which share is more commonly collocated with problem. This interference is suspected as the lack of vocabulary mastery. In other words, intertwined factors emerged in the writing. Basically, grammatical interference of the English language faced in students’ writing resulted from the effect of lack competence on English rules and cultural internalization

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